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Featured Containment Case Study

Polyurea Keeps Streets and Facility Dry

McLeod Dam Project

Category: Containment Lining

Customer: City of Belleville in Ontario, Canada

Project: Prevent water from permeating earthen dam and flowing into basements of nearby buildings.

Products Used:

Rhino Extreme™ 11-55 over Geotextile



In Belleville, Ontario, a major traffic artery and surrounding buildings were at risk of flooding because the old PVC liner installed along the McLeod Dam wall in 1978 had decayed and was damaged over the years, causing problems with a drain system. Water had also been seeping through the liner in the head pond. Water has also made it into the basement of one business.

Quinte Conservation, which operates an electricity generating station at the McLeod Dam, was called upon to complete a $700,000 restoration of the flood wall which should protect public and private property even from high waters of a so-called "100-year flood." Once completed, the new wall will look like a rocky slope, but the polyurea coating containment system will be a big improvement.



Quinte Conservation and the City Engineers decided they would use a geotextile fabric and Rhino Extreme 11-55, a spray-applied, fast-set polyurea. The coating was sprayed over the geotextile fabric to create a seamless, monolithic barrier which would prevent the water from seeping through the earth dam structure.

All loose debris and large rocks were raked and removed from the site. The old PVC liner was removed from the site and the geotextile fabric was placed in a shallow trench.

The geotextile fabric was sprayed with Rhino Extreme 11-55 pure polyurea coating at 80 -100 mils (2 -2.5 mm). The sprayed sheets of geotextile were rolled out and seamed. Gravel and larger stones will be layered above the polyurea and geotextile fabric to protect it from UV degradation and preserve the look of a river bed.

The project took about four weeks. Rhino Extreme 11-55 was installed over the entire 1,030 feet (313 meters) long job site.



The water level was raised gradually to reach its usual level. The project was a complete success as no leaks or street flooding has been reported. Quinte Conservation's Water Resources Manager is confident that the result will be a long-lasting solution to keep the water contained. The City Engineers required the containment system to provide a minimum of 20 years life expectancy. With routine maintenance, they expect to get at least 40 years of service life from the Rhino Linings polyurea.


More About Rhino Linings™ Products Used:

Rhino Extreme™ - Rhino Extreme is 100% polyurea chemistry. It is specifically formulated for extreme outdoor conditions and colder substrate applications. It is a fast-set lining with superior hardness and elongation, high tensile strength, and excellent tear and abrasion resistance.

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