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Featured Flooring Case Study

Television Studio Concrete Resurfacing

Category: Concrete Restoration & Resurfacing

Customer: CBS Affiliate News Studio

Project: Replace old flooring solution with Rhino Linings epoxy for a stylish, ultra high gloss black floor finish offering long term durability

Products Used:

Quick Set Patch Mix
Epoxy 200 2A:1B Primer (custom color Black)
WB Epoxy (custom color Black)
Epoxy 600 Clear

Concrete Solutions™ Floor Cleaner and Finish


The CBS affiliate in Columbus, Ohio used and abused the primary news, sports and weather studio floor for the past 12 years. While sets had changed from time to time, the light gray linoleum floors had become dull and unattractive.Ultimate Floors by Rhino (Ultimate Floors) in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, was tasked with the resurfacing the 4,675 sq ft (343 m²) studio floor in order to achieve a black and brilliant high gloss look to add style and compliment the new set designs.


The old linoleum floor with large amounts of glue beneath proved to be a challenge, as did finding that half the concrete had been poorly resurfaced years ago. Ultimate Floors removed the linoleum and used three heavy, triple disc grinders with carbide cutters to remove the glue.

After the glue was removed, Ultimate Floors switched to diamond blades and continued to grind until the entire surface was profiled. Numerous areas of the substrate had to then be filled with Rhino Concrete Repair and then re-ground.

Once the surface was clean and sound from any contaminants, Ultimate Floors applied Epoxy 200 Primer (custom color black) using metal squeegees. Epoxy 200 offered tenacious bonding and a deep black primer coat that filled any imperfections in the concrete.

WB Epoxy in (custom color black) was rolled over top of the Primer in order to achieve an ultra black shine without unsightly roller marks. WB Epoxy coating allows for a longer working time and dries quickly, typically "lacquer dry" (dust free) within 60 – 90 minutes. The unique lacquer dry cure allows WB Epoxy to be recoated quickly if necessary.

As a finishing touch, Ultimate Floors applied Epoxy 600 clear coating with a roller. self-Epoxy 600 is a self-leveling epoxy coating designed to be used as a high build, clear topcoat over warehouse floors, airport hangars, and other industrious and heavily used surfaces. When rolled liberally, Epoxy 600 serves as a seal, providing lasting durability and gloss. The project floor was left to fully cure a full 7 days.


In an effort to maintain the floor's shine and beauty, Ultimate Floors applied 3 coats of Concrete Solutions Floor Cleaner and Finish one day prior to the unveiling of the new set. The final product resulted in both a stylish and tough, ultra high gloss black floor that looked great on screen while accommodating heavy foot traffic and 275 lb (125 kg) cameras.


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Featured Case Study

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