Blast Mitigation

Rhino Standing Up to Explosive Situations! 

“Bend but never break.” That’s a key motto in defense, and perfectly reflects the approach of Rhino’s Blast Mitigation solutions. Forming a seamless barrier, our sprayed linings provide exceptional structure integrity before, during and after a blast.


The perfect solution for Blast Mitigation, RhinoArmor™ is 100% polyurea chemistry. It is specifically formulated for extreme, fast-setting, extreme outdoor conditions and colder substrate applications. It is a fast-set lining with superior hardness and elongation, high tensile strength, and excellent tear and abrasion resistance.


RhinoArmor PPFR technical data sheet

Blast Mitigation
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Blast Mitigation Attributes

• Material deflects energy of blasts while keeping structures intact

• Sprayed lining creates a monolithic seamless barrier

• High flexibility of material eliminates or reduces shrapnel and other collateral damage

• Adheres to a variety of surfaces including concrete, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and more

• Adjustable thickness depending on level of protection required

• Conforms to any shape


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