Composite Armor

Composite Armor – Travel Light. Travel Strong. 

Composite Armor is developed by Rhino Linings Corporation and its technology partners to deliver a narrower gauge, lighter armor that not only provides greater protection versus hardened steel armor, but also saves fuel. With a self-repairing matrix design for structural integrity in displacing energy, it effectively stops a wide range of ballistic threats. 

RhinoArmor™ PPFR and RhinoArmor PUFR coatings are an excellent solution to add a shield of protection to a wide variety of vehicles, artillery, boats and structures.

RhinoArmor PPFR technical data sheets

RhinoArmor PUFR technical data sheet

Composite Armor
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• An array of features determined by end needs: weight, thickness and cost

• Cost effective - the perfect alternative solution to traditional steel and aluminum

• A unique shaped core

• Suspended grinding media

• Cast elastic polymer



• Fit designed to threat level

• Stops a variety of threats including: small arms, AP, IED, EFP and LSCs

• High flexibility of material eliminates or reduces shrapnel and other collateral damage

• Lightweight construction saves fuel

• Easy to retro-fit

• Easy in-line production



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