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Industrial applications are highly specialized and specific consultation and training may be required to perform such applications. Rhino Linings does not provide confined space training and/or expertise in this area.

Product MSDS sheets and specific chemical properties should be evaluated before undertaking any application.


Featured Mining Case Study

Rhino Lining Interior of Railcar

Category: Abrasion and Impact Protection

Customer: Brazil Rail and Mining Industries

Project: Lining interior of railcar hoppers to extend service life.

Products Used:
Rhino™ 161 Primer

Rail Car Before and After


The Brazil rail industry was interested in extending the life of their coal and aluminum aggregate hoppers and eliminating the back haul cost caused by materials sticking to the hoppers. The lining solution needed to be able to withstand the loading and unloading of 86 tons of aluminum ore or 35 tons of coal per load.


The authorized Rhino Linings Applicator in Brazil recommended a combination of TuffGrip® and Hi-Chem™ industrial-grade coatings to provide long-lasting, impact and abrasion and wear resistance. TuffGrip® sprayed-on polyurethane lining was chosen for its high elongation and excellent impact resistance properties. Hi-Chem™ was chosen for its high hardness and impact resistance properties.


The hoppers interior surface was profiled to 1.5 to 5 mil, solvent wiped, rust converted and then primed with Rhino™ 161 primer.

Coating Application

Once the primer was tack free, the coal cars were lined with 75 to 80 mils of TuffGrip® and then Hi-Chem™ was applied on top for a total thickness of 240 mils (6mm). Only Hi-Chem™ was applied to the aluminum ore cars at 160 mils (4 mm).


The quick installation allowed the mining company to return the hopper cars to return to service within a few days. The smooth lining surface enabled coal to easily slide out, therefore eliminating costly back haul. Before the lining was applied, there was 5% of the material sticking to the rail cars. After Rhino Linings was applied, there was less than 1% of the ore and aluminum aggregate sticking. The cars were inspected after 6 months of operation and have shown no signs of wear.

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