RhinoPro Cartridge Gun

RhinoPro™ Cartridge Guns are dual component pneumatic applicators specially designed for RhinoPak 90A, RhinoPak 55D, RhinoPak 70D and RhinoPak SM cartridges. One RhinoPak™ 1500 ml cartridge sprayed at 1/8" (125 mils) can cover a 4 sq. ft. area.

RhinoPro Cartridge Gun TDS


Cartridge Gun Properties

Air Cylinder: Aluminum 4"
Length: 25-3/4" 
Cartridge Size: 750 ml x 750 ml
Thrust Force: 1600 lbs @ 100 psi 
Max Air Pressure: 145 psi
Compressor Requirements: 8 – 10 cfm @ 90 psi

Typical Cartridge Gun Applications

RhinoPro Cartridge Guns can be used for a variety of smaller coating projects, including:

  • Stairs
  • Hard to reach places
  • Insurance repairs
  • Cooling tower pans
  • Motor home and trailer roof and floor coatings
  • Van and SUV conversion interior linings
  • Industrial equipment liners and coatings

RhinoPro Cartridge Gun: industry applications

Water - WasteWater
Water - WasteWater
Chemical ContainmentSecondary ContainmentPrimary Containment
Blast MitigationComposite ArmorFuel Cell Containment System


Featured Case Study

Oil & Gas - Containment