Rhino 2300 - 100 Percent Solids Epoxy Coating and Broadcast System

Rhino™ 2300  is a 100% Solids Epoxy Coating system that is easily mixed using the industry standard 2:1 by volume ratio of resin to hardener. Rhino 2300 is a very versatile, general purpose, multi-use epoxy with good chemical resistance. It applies easily over concrete substrate by brush, roller, trowel or squeegee. Rhino 2300 dries quickly, usually tack free within 4 – 6 hours, additionally; it dries to a high gloss with greater color stability than conventional epoxies.

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Feature & Benefits

• Easy to mix, easy to use & low odor
• 2:1 mixture - resin to hardener by volume
• Working time 25-30 minutes

• Highly resistant to cratering or blush
• Applies over concrete with a brush, roller, trowel or squeegee

• Recommended for chip or quartz broadcast, clear coats, aggregate filled or slurry binder applications


For clear or pigmented concrete floor coatings and epoxy/aggregate filled systems
When pigmented, it is an excellent usages as a binder for “chip” or aggregate filled thick film coatings
Highly versatile, medium duty, chemically resistant concrete coating or flooring system curing to a high gloss with excellent cosmetic appearance
Mineral filled and used as a “flood” coat or squeegee applied system. Also u
sed as a binder for highly filled, trowel applied epoxy mortars
May be used as a moisture tolerant new to old concrete adhesive

Application Properties

Coverage Rate (as a neat coating)80-120 sq. ft. / gal (13-20 mils dft
Solids by Volume100%
Mixed Viscosity (cps)300-600
Pot Life (neat coating)25-30 minutes
Tack Free Time4-6 hrs.
Walk-on Time8-10 hrs after application
Cure Time (return to service)24-36 hrs.
Full Cure Time7 days

Physical Properties

Hardness (Shore D)85ASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength (psi)7,400ASTM D-638
Elongation (%)4.5ASTM D-638
Flexural Strength (psi)17,900ASTM D-790
Flexural Modulus (psi)582,000ASTM D-790
Compressive Strength (psi)10,100ASTM D-695
Compressive Modulus (psi)280,000ASTM D-695
Tg (°F)140ASTM D-648


A thorough and complete mix is critical. First mix each component separately. Carefully proportion each component at the ratio of 2 parts A (resin) to 1 part B (hardener) by volume and mix for 3 – 5 minutes. No stripes or color variation should be visible in the mix. When used as a neat coating or chip/aggregate broadcast system, mix no more material than may be applied in 20 minutes

Broadcast "Chips" or Other Aggregates

Rhino 2300 epoxy is recommended as the “chip” coat or binder coat for aggregate broadcast systems. Successive broadcast layers may be applied once the previous application is swept and lightly sanded to achieve up to ½" thickness. Top coating the system with clear Rhino™ 2300 locks in the aggregate and seals in the broadcast “chips”. Allow a cure time of 24 – 36 hours once the final coat is applied before returning the area to service.

Clear Epoxy Top Coats

Rhino 2300 may be used as an interior clear coat over a Rhino™ 1501 primed base coating on concrete at a coverage rate of 80 - 120 sq ft/gallon. The clear top coat should be allowed to cure for 24 – 36 hours before returning to service.

Chemical Resistance Guide (3 week immersion)


% Weight gain (loss)
1,1,1 TrichloroethaneG
EB (Ethylene Glycol MonobutylE
Ethyl AlcoholE
Water (deionized)E
Methel Alcohol G
Skydrol E
Synthetic GasoholE
5% Detergent SolutionE
10% Sodium HydroxideE
50% Sodium Hydroxide E
10% Sulfuric AcidE
70% Sulfuric AcidE
10% Hydrochloric AcidE
5% Acetic AcidG
10% Acetic AcidF

  E = Excellent, G = Good, F = Fair


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