DuraTite Roof 2.5

DuraTite™ 2.5 Spray Polyurethane Roofing Foam is HFC-blown, Zero Ozone-Depleting (Zero-ODP), closed-cell spray polyurethane foam systems. These systems improve energy efficiency and offer both a low lifecycle cost and environmental impact with almost no maintenance.

DuraTite™ roof systems are ASTM E-108 Class A/B Roof System compliant, UL Class A/B compliant and UL Class II compliant and Miami-Dade County Product Control approved.

DuraTite™ 2.5 has a Compressive Strength of 40-45; a Tensile Strength of 60-80; and an R-value of 6.3 per inch.

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Why DuraTite™ Roofing Systems?

  • Good yield
  • Does not shirnk, pull or crack when installed correctly
  • Seamless, fully-adhered and self-flashing
  • Extremely lightweight, weather resistant with outstanding insulation characteristics
  • Covers complex geometrical shapes, protrusions, and materials such as: glass, concrete, metal, old mortar, brick and BUR

How DuraTite™ Roofing Systems Save Money

• Is a cost-effective alternative to conventional roofing materials and systems
• Minimal disruption to operations
• Lowers heating and cooling costs

• Eliminates wind uplift risk
• Maintains physical properties over time

• Increases roof life

DuraTite™ Roofing Systems Listings


• ASTM E-108 Class A/B Roof System

• UL Class A/B approval

• UL Class II: California Fire Marshal Listing, City of Los Angeles Listing

Miami- Dade County Product Control approved, California Bureau of Home Furnishings



• Class A and B—UL Roofing Systems

• Class A Combustible Deck—UL Roofing Systems Assembly #35

• 2 Hour Class A—UL Design

• 3 Hour Class A—UL Design


Not Recommended For:

• DuraTite™ 2.5 is NOT designed for use as an INTERIOR insulation system

• Cold-storage structures, such as refrigerators and freezers demand special design considerations with regard to thermal insulation and moisture-vapor drive. DuraTite™ 2.5 should NOT be installed in these types of constructions unless the structure was designed by a design professional for specific use as cold storage

• DuraTite™ 2.5 is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses

DuraTite™ 2.5 insulation is combustible. High-intensity heat sources such as welding or cutting torches must not be used in contact with or in close proximity to DuraTite™ 2.5 or any polyurethane foam.

Process Temperature Ranges

Process Temperatures

Iso (A) & Resin (B) Components - 120 – 140° F (49 – 60° C)

Hose - 120 – 140° F (49 – 60° C)

Substrate Temperature - 50 – 160° F (10 – 71° C)

DuraTite Roof 2.5: industry applications

SPF Roofing
SPF Roofing


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