DuraTite 2185

DuraTite® 2185 is a fast set, rapid curing plural component aluminized hybrid polyurea spray applied lining for commercial and industrial roofing applications. DuraTite produces a tough, abrasion and chemical resistant film that can be applied to flat, vertical and overhead surfaces in a single or multiple pass application from 10 mils to 50 mils without sage or runs. This bondable, paintable, versatile product remains flexible in cold temperatures and contains UV stabilizers for enhanced UV stability.

DuraTite 2185 Data Sheet


Features & Benefits

• Fast Cure – Typically cures within 2 hours

• Water Proof – Prevents penetration of water

• Flexible – For long term impact and crack resistance

• Durable – High tensile strength, chemical and abrasion resistance

• Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to most surfaces

Typical Physical Properties

Tensile Strength (psi): (cps)

ASTM D-412

1900 ± 50

Elongation (%):

ASTM D-412

400 ± 20

Tear Strength Die C (pli):

ASTM D-1004

350 ± 50

Permeability (perms) @ 20 mils:



Weathering/UV Resistance (2000 hrs):

ASTM D-822

No integrity loss

Solar Reflectance Index



Processing Properties

Tack Free:  40 seconds

Walk on Time: 1 – 2 hours

Cure Time: 1 hours

Theoretical coverage: 80 sq ft/gal @ 20 mil


Featured Case Study

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