FastFloor ClearCoat

FastFloor™ ClearCoat is a two-component, rapid curing, polyaspartic coating designed as a decorative yet durable top coat for flooring applications. It is formulated to be used as part of the Rhino FastFloor coating system providing a high gloss or matte finish over a broadcasted FastFloor base coat. 

Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, ClearCoat is color stable allowing it take UV exposure without color shifts seen with other coating systems such as epoxies. ClearCoat Gloss is a 1:1 mix ratio system. ClearCoat Matte is a 2:1 mix ratio system. Both provide sufficient pot life to be rolled, brushed or sprayed.


Features & Benefits

• Fast cure allowing rapid turnaround time; under normal conditions (72ºF, 50% Rh), light foot traffic within 2 – 4 hours, return to service within 24 hours

• Improved flow and leveling over broadcasted FastFloor™ base coat

• Robust application window with ability to apply at low temperatures and high humidity

• Achieve a variety of colors, patterns, and logos, using decorative flakes, particles, or signs

• Excellent abrasion and impact resistance

• Excellent chemical resistance

• Excellent UV resistance and high gloss characteristics

• Bonds to virtually all substrates of any dimension, including metals, woods, concrete, and fiberglass

• Zero VOCs; environmentally friendly


• Excellent durability and aesthetics for indoor and outdoor applications, such as:  garage floors - airplane hangars- laboratories - entry and lobby areas- restaurant floors

• Creates a durable, seamless lining that conforms to any shape and size.

Physical Properties

• Hardnessl
  - Pencil2H
  - Pendulum160
• Tensile Strength (psi)6500 (ASTM D-412)
• Elongation%6-8   (ASTM D-412)
• Impact Resistance, lbs100
• Specific Gravity (grams/cc)1.0   (ASTM D-792)
• Water Absorption (%)≤0.5 (ASTM D-570)
• Water Vapor Transmission        (ASTM E-96)
  - Rate of Transmission g/h ft20.58
  - Permeance (perm, in – lb)1.39
• QUV Weatherometer, 4k hrs 
  - OxidationNo effect
  - Loss of glossNo effect
  - BlisteringNo effect

*Properties were checked on dry films at 5 – 6 mils thick, air dried for 7 days.

Chemical Resistance

Excellent resistance to many chemicals. For a 7 day immersion in:

GasolineNo Effect
Brake FluidNo Effect
SkydrolNo Effect
Coolant or Anti-freezeNo Effect
Ammonium hydroxideNo Effect


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