DuraTite LRA

DuraTite® LRA is a two-component, closed-celled, spray polyurethane foam, low rise adhesive system designed to adhere a wide variety of board stock products to most roofing substrates in low-sloped roofing applications. It can also be used to adhere insulation boards to one another.

Once fully cured DuraTite LRA demonstrates excellent thermal and dimensional stability and high compressive strength.


DuraTite LRA Data Sheet


Features and Benefits

• Low odor, excellent for sensitive areas, such as schools, office buildings and hospitals

• Quick cure

• Compatible with many roof decks, substrates and cover boards


Typical Physical Properties

Density (pcf):

ASTM D-1622


Tensile Strength (psi):

ASTM D-1623


Compressive Strength (psi):

ASTM D-1621


Closed-cell Content (%):

ASTM D-2856



Processing Properties

For a complete list of the product's chemical properties, please download a copy of the technical data sheet.


Cream Time: 4 – 5 seconds

Rise Time:  16 – 18 seconds

Cure Time: 4 – 8 minutes



Featured Case Study

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