GeoTech CC2TB is a highly stable, closed-celled, water-blown spray polyurethane foam system designed for exterior ditch breaker, soil stabilization and geotechnical applications that require high compressive strength and low exothermic reaction temperatures.

When applied, GeoTech CC2TB expands approximately 30x in seconds and maintains dimensional stability in a variety of environmental conditions. GeoTech CC2TB utilizes advanced, proprietary chemistry that lowers the product’s exothermic reaction temperature during installation, allowing contractors to apply in one continuous spray lift of well beyond 4" without combustion and excessive pooling or blowback.

GeoTech CC2TB Data Sheet


Features and Benefits

• Ability to have greater than 4" lift in single pass

• Low odor during application and produces no toxic vapors after application

• Environmentally Friendly – No ozone depleting substances, HFCs, PBDEs

Typical Physical Properties

For a complete list of the product's physical properties and test methods, please download a copy of the technical data sheet.

Density (nominal):

ASTM D-1623

2.2 ± 0.2 lb/ft3 (35 kg/m3)

Tensile Strength (psi):

ASTM D-1622

71 ± 7

Compressive Strength (psi):

ASTM D-1621

40 ± 3

Closed-cell Content (%):

ASTM D-2856


Water Vapor Permeability* @ 2" (51mm), (perm):



Air Leakage** (L/s/m2 @ 75 Pa @ 1")

ASTM E-283



Processing Properties

Cream Time: 3 – 5 seconds

Rise Time:  8 – 14 seconds


Featured Case Study

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